zambia weights-and-measures-agency

Zambia Weights and Measures Agency on their way to HPO

10 April 2015

Several governmental agencies within Zambia are working towards high performance. In the newsletter of the […]

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Esthe Mollema - HPO Event

HPO Experts fly all over the world

23 March 2015

Coming months our HPO Experts will fly all over the world to support our clients in […]

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Arbelas Consulting UK

Arbelas Consulting Ltd and HPO Center sign HPO agreement

2 March 2015

Arbelas Consulting Ltd, based in Lymington, Hampshire, delivers consultancy services in 3 main areas: Security […]

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Zambia Institute of HRM - High Performance Waterfall

Speaking near the High Performance Waterfalls

27 October 2014

Sometimes invitations to speak come from unexpected but no less welcoming places. In this case […]

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HPO executive program

NEW: HPO Executive Program in Maastricht, Hannover or Nanjing

20 May 2014

This intensive three-day executive program aims to introduce managers to the High Performance Organization (HPO) […]

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Success team

Start the survey: Management Quality and positive behavioral phenomena

15 May 2014

My name is Marcel van Aken, I am 23 years old and currently finalizing a […]

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HPO inspiration op Schiphol

HPO knowledge and inspiration on Schiphol Airport

4 February 2014

More and more large organizations start to improve towards a High Performance Organization, including Schiphol […]

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Bringing HPO to Shui On Land (China)

Bringing HPO to Shui On Land (China)

28 January 2014

The year 2014 started with an early high point: the first HPO Diagnosis in China! […]

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Swagelok HPO Master Class

Swagelok HPO Master Class well received

7 November 2013

André de Waal just came back from an intensive and inspiring HPO Master Class. Swagelok […]

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Continuous improvement and innovation: the Crow and the Blue Tit

New video about continuous improvement and renewal: The Crow and the Blue Tit

1 November 2013

The HPO Factor Continuous Improvement and Renewal is a struggle for many organizations. Every day we […]

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