Hygiene Factors That Stops You From Becoming Real High Performance2

Hygiene Factors That Stops You From Becoming Real High Performance

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Grohe: The advantage of HPO is that it is very practical and easy to implement

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The Added Value of the High Performance Organization Framework

Archway Marketing: a great company committed to ongoing improvement

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World’s Thought Leaders on High Performance

“The HPO Framework brought a viable facts and data-based framework. It gave us sets of activities that we could undertake to endeavour to improve towards becoming a High Performance Organization. It gave us a vision, something to aim for. It helped to generate the drastic improvement in delivery that we managed to instigate.”
Huw T. Owen – CEO Ark Data Centres Ltd

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Culture is very important at HPOs and the HPO research by André de Waal provides us with a tool for thinking in terms of the long run.

Carel Maasland, former HR Strategist at IKEA International