Ten Habits of Bad Management

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Rembrandt Mergers and Acquisitions: You can’t let the saw blade become dull

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Rembrandt Fusies en Overnames - Rabobank

A fantastic example of an High Performance Partnership (HPP)

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high performance partnership

World’s Thought Leaders on High Performance

“The HPO Framework brought a viable facts and data-based framework. It gave us sets of activities that we could undertake to endeavour to improve towards becoming a High Performance Organization. It gave us a vision, something to aim for. It helped to generate the drastic improvement in delivery that we managed to instigate.”
Huw T. Owen – CEO Ark Data Centres Ltd

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"André de Waal has done a wonderful job in researching high performance scientifically and then turning his findings into tangible ideas that managers can use immediately."  

Peter Hartman, vice-chairman of Air France-KLM