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Friday, 10 April 2015

Zambia Weights and Measures Agency on their way to HPO


Several governmental agencies within Zambia are working towards high performance. In the newsletter of the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency an inspiring letter from the editor:

Warm greetings from the Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA)!

On 19th December 2014, Zambia Weights and Measures Agency staff under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) convened a ‘’Staff Afternoon of Fun’ to share ideas on how to transition into a High Performing Agency. The event was unique because it brought together most staff members from the satellite offices and Head office Of Zambia Weights and Measures Agency to be part of and witnesses of the commitment to implement the High Performing Agency Concept. The High Performing Agency Concept, entails that Zambia Weights and Measures Agency is transitioning into an Organization that reshapes their way of doing business in a manner that is more transparent and action oriented. Zambia Weights and Measures Agency is moving towards embracing a culture of efficiency and effectiveness in its regulatory function.

zambia weights-and-measures-agencyIt is worth noting that despite the perception by majority of people that there is a persistent poor working culture in government and within the Agencies under the different ministries, Zambia Weights and Measures Agency employees are poised to take a positive perspective. Zambia Weights and Measures Agency employees are being encouraged through the HPO Concept to brace themselves towards ensuring that the agency attains its aspirations. As Zambia is celebrating fifty (50) years of independence there is hope that we can all join in ensuring that there is economic development. At Zambia Weights and Measures Agency we are implored to run with this HPO concept that will enable us transform fully into a Centre of Excellence” in regulating all trade measurements and fostering consumer rights!

The ‘High Performing Agency Afternoon of Fun’ event marked the beginning of a deliberate move to finding lasting interventions that will turn the Agency into the much desired “Centre of Regional Excellence”. The event indeed was a milestone in ensuring that there is no complacency among all staff.