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What Makes a High Performance Organization

A shortage of time demands a strong focus on what really matters in order to improve the performance of your organization.
To help managers, the HPO Center started a global five-year research project into the success factors of High Performance Organizations (HPOs). The result of this research is the following HPO Framework:

What Makes A High Performance Organization includes many real-life examples from organizational branches, e.g., Finance, Retail, Industry, ICT, High Education and Government, illustrating the workings of the HPO Framework at organizations in Western and emerging markets. Also included are many interviews with HPO leaders, e.g., Microsoft, SABMiller, Svenska Handelsbanken, HP, Unilever, Umpqua Bank, Tata Steel and Air France KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

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An HPO book for managers, team leaders and…employees!

This booklet has been written with you in mind. The 35 HPO characteristics are all outlined in this booklet. Reading through this booklet you will soon realize that improving is not necessarily more time consuming, but that it is just about doing your work differently. You will notice that your work becomes more enjoyable because everything you do together fits and works better. We challenge you to make a start on building your own successful team and organization.

In other words, we want you to work for an inspiring and successful organization; but it is up to you to make it happen!

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Even if your organization is performing well at the moment, you need insight. With that insight, you can further improve your internal organization. What will lead to even better financial results, happy employees and customers who are fans.

Like many other organizations in the UK and USA we can help you to become an HPO? Contact us for more information!

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