World thought leaders in High Performance

HPO References

Organizations in over 50 countries have benefited from our HPO Framework. Below some of our global HPO references:

I had heard about the great work that Andre de Waal and his HPO Center were doing as it relates to High Performance Organizations but I had no idea the overwhelming effect that he would have on our company. If I can distill Andre’s results…Longfellow Benefits is clearly an HPO. That said, we have some work to do to assure we stay there. Andre’s easy to understand recommendations will provide the structure we need to get Longfellow to the next level. Bravo, Andre and your team!

— Craig S. Cerretani, Principal Longfellow Benefits

We found the process to be incredibly valuable. The study showed not only what makes Archway great but we also now have statistically valid Attention Points to work on that tie back to the Five Pillars. This needs to become an annual benchmarking process for all organizations striving to become and remain high performing. Dr. de Waal’s definition of a High Performance Organization should be the world-wide standard.

— Mike Moroz, President Archway