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HPO Factors

Quality of Employees

Makes sure you assembles a diverse & complementary workforce. Recruit people with maximum flexibility.

An HPO makes sure it assembles a diverse and complementary workforce and recruits people with maximum flexibility to help detect problems in business processes and to incite creativity in solving them. An HPO continuously works on the development of its workforce by training staff to be both resilient and flexible, letting them learn from others by going into partnerships with suppliers and customers, inspiring them to improve their skills so they can accomplish extraordinary results, and holding them responsible for their performances and with that encouraging them to be creative in looking for new productive ways to achieve the desired results.

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HPO characteristics: Quality of Employeesdownload chapter 1 and 2 of 'What makes an HPO' for free

  1. The management of our organization inspires organizational members to accomplish extraordinary results.
  2. Organizational members are trained to be resilient and flexible.
  3. Our organization has a diverse and complementary workforce.
  4. Our organization grows through partnerships with suppliers and/or customers.

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I believe 90 to 99 percent of all employees in an organization mean well by what they do for the company. It is the task of a manager to use all that potential to become an HPO. As a manager you focus on equipping your employees to do the right things. Only when people really understand and internalize what the organization aims for, will they use their energy and focus to contribute to that mission. Therefore you need to provide

people freedom to act, a context where they can be creative, and create trust. And if you get teams to cooperate based on this, you are up to something great. It is not the task of the manager to take responsibility to become high performing, it is the task of the manager to inspire employees to take that journey. It is the way you use the energy of all those talented individuals. The journey is not about process optimization anymore, that task has become just one of the hurdles to take on the journey ahead. It is all about giving meaning. That is key.

— Theo Rinsema, general manager Microsoft Netherlands