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Monday, 17 September 2018

The High Performance Organisation Seminar-Conference (Athens – Greece)


Switzerland is globally famous for precision.
Precision means high performance. So, what then is the secret of those corporations, whose high performance has created such global reputation? Answers to this question are at the core of this two-day seminarconference taking place in the E.H.E. EurAka study centre in Athens, which is a hotspot of the private University’s professional/academic programmes: Ports, industry, and outstanding culture inspire and motivate participants.

Participants are thoroughly introduced to the topic of the High Performance Organisation, which is much, much more than a term of simplistic application. Facilitators of international reputation provide participants with knowledge and key tools to be immediately and directly applied in their own organisational context. Different cultural settings and expectations are part of the seminar-conference.

Therefore, it is not about attending lectures, but about action-based learning. I.e., participants are actively contributing their own experiences to be discussed and are forming a major part of the four sessions of the programme. This will result in very interesting knowledge supporting the wish for own high performance and that of the organisation each participant works with.

This starts with an anonymous questionnaire, which participants will fill in before the seminar and whose data is a core part of it.
I.e., the seminar deeply refers to the questionnaires’ data for discussion and deep insights.

For this outstanding seminar, the E.H.E. EurAka teams with the Dutch High Performance Centre, which consults with many first-tier
organisations and owns an outstanding international reputation. It is the particular synergy of global professional experiences with international academic contributions, which are based on the research on organisations delivering excellent value of learning and

Discussions and workshops are at the core of the seminar-conference in participatory atmosphere. The seminar-conference offers each participant deep insights into High Performance Organisations and what they do to be one.

Download the full program and brochure via this link!