Case Studies

Creating high performance governmental organizations in Zambia

CPCC Zambia: HPO Initiative improves service delivery

Read here (in PDF) more about CPCC Zambia. A true High Performance Government organization! With […]

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Improving Britain's competitive position

Improving Britain’s competitive position

Abstract: Improving Britain’s competitive position Many organisations in Britain struggle with the sustainability of their performance. […]

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Analysing high performance in the manufacturing industry - the case of WP Haton 2

Analysing high performance in the manufacturing industry: the case of WP Haton

The author (André A. de Waal) thanks WP Haton, and especially René van Rijn (Director […]

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The Road to HPO in the Public Sector in Zambia 3

The Road to HPO in the Public Sector in Zambia

By Tobias Mulimbika, Director of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) Zambia According […]

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Ziggo Customer Relations

From Crisis to All-Time High Performance – Using the HPO Framework to Improve Customer Relations at Ziggo

By André de Waal, Eric Mooijman en Martine Ferment Guided by a framework detailing the essential […]

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biz-group United Arab Emirates

Achieving High Performance in the United Arab Emirates: The Case of biz-group

By André de Waal, Miriam Frijns and Mirna Mroueh Operating within a foreign trade zone […]

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Umpqua Bank

Umpqua Bank (USA): a passion for excellence

Although many competing banks have visited Umpqua Bank to see how they could copy what […]

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Toyota - an HPO in crisis

Toyota: an HPO in crisis

‘On August 28th, 2009, Toyota, the world’s largest and most profitable car manufacturer, stopped being an […]

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change agenda

SVB’s HPO change agenda: environment and ownership

A team of RBB researchers carried out an HPO diagnosis at the Dutch Social Security […]

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HPO executive program

Is the HPO framework suitable for Thai organizations

By Andre A. de Waal and Chiraprapha Tan Akaraborworn Summary Purpose – Thai organizations are […]

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