Animal-Firm- Learning-from-ants-crows-and-wild-dog

Animal Firm: Learning from ants, crows and wild dogs…

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Grohe: The advantage of HPO is that it is very practical and easy to implement

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The Added Value of the High Performance Organization Framework

From Crisis to All-Time High Performance – Using the HPO Framework to Improve Customer Relations at Ziggo

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Ziggo Customer Relations

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"The HPO Framework brought a viable facts and data-based framework. It gave us sets of activities that we could undertake to endeavour to improve towards becoming a High Performance Organization. It gave us a vision, something to aim for. It helped to generate the drastic improvement in delivery that we managed to instigate." Huw T. Owen - CEO Ark Data Centres Ltd

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“The HPO research has the advantage of being practical and extremely easy to implement. The study shows immediately which knobs you need to tweak in order to improve.”

Rob van den Maagdenberg - former CEO Grohe N.W. Europe