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e-book: A High Performance Organization… What is it?


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HPO? Will this cost me extra time?

You could be thinking: yet another project? Is this something else to do? I am already completely overloaded.

Whatever your thoughts are, this booklet has been written with you in mind. Any organization that wants to improve needs every single one of its employees to make a difference and improve through a combined effort, regardless of the department they work in. The HPO Center is helping organizations across the world to achieve this. Your organization may use the term HPO, High Performance Organization or it is possibly called something else. It is important for you to know that there are 35 HPO aspects in which you and your organization can improve. These will be covered in this booklet.


A ‘High Performance Organization’; what is it? Just another new project? No it is not.

A High Performance Organization or HPO, is an inspiring, motivating and challenging organization to its employees and customers.

What is noteworthy is that it is not always about large organizations. What it is all about is that you and your colleagues all do the “right things” together. This allows you to create a successful team or department and these are the foundations for a High Performance Organization (HPO)!

Scientific research and practical experience of hundreds of organizations around the world can help you with what you can do to become an HPO. This knowledge is, as the African proverb goes: ‘water for life’. And this ‘water’ is the 35 characteristics described as part of the five ‘HPO Factors’:

  • Management Quality
  • Openness & Action Orientation
  • Long-Term Orientation
  • Continuous Improvement & Renewal
  • Employee Quality

The related 35 characteristics involved are all outlined in this booklet. For many of these characteristics, you will read “Leadership of our organization ….”. Note that does not mean that these characteristics are not important for everyone in the organization! Everyone is a leader in his/her function; not just at work but also at home, in health clubs, or anywhere. We challenge you to make a start on building your own successful team, department, and organization.

In other words, we want you to work for an inspiring and successful organization; but it is up to you to make it happen!