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Executive program 'Creating a High Performance Organization'

Workshops & Seminars

Awareness and Discussion within Your Management Team Active, customized workshop on topics such as: ’High Performance Organizations’, ’High Performance Leadership’, ’Improve your Management’, ’HPO and Best Ideas’, ‘High Performance Partnerships’, ‘Drive for Excellence’, etc.. Target group: Companies and institutions (or organizational units) that want to know more about high performance and want to actively work […]

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HPO Diagnosis

High Performance Partnership (HPP) Diagnosis

When an organization is hard at work transforming into a High Performance Organization (HPO), sooner or later the time will come when the quality of the value chain in which the organization operates will become important. After all, if the suppliers and buyers are not HPOs, the quality of the organization will be offset in […]

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HPO Masterclass

With the worldwide publication of André de Waal’s book What Makes a High Performance Organization, the HPO Center offers its much sought after and successful HPO Masterclass on all continents. Possible HPO Masterclass for your organization Before HPO Questionnaire: The participants fill out the HPO Questionnaire, via the internet link. Analyzing the HPO Questionnaire data by Dr. […]

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HPO scan

HPO Diagnosis

An organization can determine its HPO status by conducting an HPO Diagnosis. During the HPO Diagnosis managers and employees fill in the HPO Questionnaire (available in 15+ languages), in which they indicate how well the organization performs on the 35 HPO characteristics, on a scale of 1 (very bad) to 10 (excellent). Thereupon the average […]

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overview of the academic articles and papers on High Performance Organizations by André de Waal MSc, MBA, PhD

HPO Trusted Advisory

We work with all sorts of organizations across the globe. Our continuous research helps clients to improve their performance. We have deep functional and industry expertise . We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that improve our clients performance on the long-term. Our HPO knowledge supports organizations in implementing the desired improvements. We also challenge on […]

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HPO Insight™ Improvement Tool

Validated HPO analysis software for measuring your performance, including a user-friendly report. The HPO Insight™ improvement tool is based on large-scale scientific and practical research into the success factors of High Performance Organizations. Instantly gain insight into the qualities of your internal organization and the Key Improvement Areas in a valuable report with practical tips, […]

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Even if your organization is performing well at the moment, you need insight. With that insight, you can further improve your internal organization. What will lead to even better financial results, happy employees and customers who are fans.

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