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Principle 3 of the HPO Manager- improving self and others & high-performing in daily life

HPO managers make sure their employees are at all times up for the tasks and behaviors working in an HPO requires, not forgetting their own continuing education and development (leadership behavior), while making sure that these high-quality capacities of employees and managers are actually used in daily working life so all activities and tasks are executed in a high-performing way (managerial behavior). Or, other words, “the best leaders are great teachers.”


How do you improve yourself and your colleagues and employees?


  1. You ensure that the capacities and skills of employees are regularly strengthened.
  2. You regularly follow management courses yourself in order to be able to provide better leadership.
  3. You structurally conduct conversations in which you share your progress on your development with employees, colleagues and own manager.
  4. You are not satisfied with mediocrity and so you only promote excellent performing employees.
  5. You encourage employees to draw up a personal development plan, which is aimed at pushing their personal boundaries and pursuing growth.
  6. You encourage employees to experiment and are not afraid that they will make more mistakes because you know they will learn from that.



How do you become high-performing in daily life?


  1. You continuously promote the development of a HPO mindset and attitude among your employees, so that they can perform excellently in their daily tasks and activities.
  2. You and your employees immediately tackle problems and bottlenecks when they present themselves, instead of setting up improvement projects for them.
  3. You spend the time and effort needed to integrate HPO behaviors and initiatives into daily habits/activities.
  4. You encourage employees to regularly look in the mirror to check whether the way they work and act meets the standard of HPO.
  5. You ensure that ‘high performance’ always remains in the foreground by regularly talking about initiatives that promote HPO, and by continuing to involve all employees in initiatives.