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Principle 1 of the HPO Manager – future-oriented & steadfast and disciplined

HPO managers are future-oriented (leadership behavior), thus making sure the organization at all times knows where it is going, while at the same time steadfast and focused on achieving results on both the short and longer term (managerial behavior).


How do you become future-oriented?

  1. You regularly develop your own vision of the future of and trends in the sector of your organization.
  2. You regularly discuss the future vision of the organization with employees.
  3. You provide an inspiring picture of the future of the organization to employees.
  4. You ask for input from employees when developing the future vision.
  5. You make clear which behavior is required of managers and employees in this future vision of the organization.
  6. The vision of the future is for you the starting point for the further development of the organization.
  7. You link the vision of the future to the strategic plan of your organization.

How do you become steadfast and disciplined?

  1. You are focused on realizing the future vision of the organization.
  2. You only make decisions and take actions that support the achievement of the future vision.
  3. You take disciplined action on areas of improvement.
  4. You only undertake projects and initiatives that strengthen the organization & help realize the vision.
  5. You work energetically and expeditiously with employees who do not display high-performing behavior.
  6. You focus on strengthening core competencies of the organization, also in lesser (economic) times.
  7. You are a role model (with regard to high-performing behavior).
  8. You demonstrate discipline in achieving the agreed upon goals, despite possible setbacks as a result of developments.

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