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Manley Hopkinson


Manley was schooled on leadership through a mix of practical and academic; as an Officer in the Royal Navy and the Royal Hong Kong Police, as a skipper in the BT Global Challenge, the world’s toughest yacht race, and as part of the winning team skiing to the Magnetic North Pole.

Over the last 20 years, Manley has worked with an extraordinary range of organisations globally, both within his own consultancy and as a Senior Advisor to McKinsey & Company, and has been applying and refining the principles, and application, of creating & leading high performing teams with great success.
In addition Manley has held accountable leadership roles as the Director of People & Performance for The Atlas Consortium, Hewlett Packard Defence & Security UK and Ark Data Centres, which was recently awarded the highest accolade of the Investors In People Platinum award.

This continual journey of learning, testing, reviewing and refining across a broad spectrum of global organisations and sectors, has allowed Manley to deeply understand what it actually takes to gain the commitment that drives sustained high performance.
Manley has learnt much from many extraordinary people from all walks of life, and is always trying to grow his understanding of leadership, team work and performance. Research into the neural physiology, the brain science, that physically drives the ability to learn, change and perform, was the final part of the leadership jigsaw that led to the publication of Manley’s widely acclaimed book “Compassionate Leadership” in 2014 and the creation of the Compassionate Leadership Academy.

With many more adventures ahead, Manley is always a “leader, in learning”.

Manley Hopkinson is the contact person for our HPO in the United Kingdom & Ireland. For more information, please visit