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Saturday, 14 January 2012

HPO Factor – Management Quality – Strong Leadership


Strong leadership is defined as ‘the ability of leading a group of people or anorganization, which is not easily damaged or overcome, able to withstand opposition and has determination.’ HPO managers exhibit strong leadership in tough times by not deviating from the pursued course, yet at the same time they are flexible in the ways to get where they want and need to be. They know there are many ways to Rome and they will get there.


HPO managers are not afraid to seek out confrontation and to put their foot down if necessary, because they find achieving the agreed upon goals more important than maintaining the harmony in the organization (within reason). They will not hesitate to call employees or colleagues to account if agreements are not honored. During these confrontations HPO managers are calm, speak clearly and never become personal in order to not damage the other person. They always approach the confrontation from the stand of what is good for the organization and how the other person can contribute to that.