Which approach truly guarantees long-term improvement in performance?

Follow the example of many organizations, and create results...

Strong managers, enthusiastic employees, more innovation, higher quality with the same, or less budget, customers becoming fans, attractive organization for talent, more profit. All of this, year, after year, after year…

Solid research - hard facts - proven results

The HPO framework is the only framework in the world constantly being tested for its effect. After its disciplined application, all organizations worldwide have achieved a higher score as well as better organizational results.

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Is the HPO framework suitable for Thai organizations

hpo book

"Finally, a book that goes beyond “promises” but gives greater clarity about the essential contributing factors of high performance organizations. This pioneering work of Dr. de Waal is a must read for people interested in this subject."
Manfred F. R. Kets de Vries, Clinical Professor of Leadership and Organizational Change at INSEAD

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