Performance Management Analysis – PMA ®

Performance-Management-AnalyseAn increasing number of organisations are implementing strategic performance management systems. Despite the increase in experience gained with implementing this approach, there is still a lot to be learned about the factors that influence the everyday use of performance management and of the factors that influence performance-driven behavior. We identified behavioral factors that have an influence on this behavior. More recently we consolidated these factors into nine aspects, developing a tool called the Performance Management Analysis – PMA®.

André de Waal has produced a rigorous study of the behavioral and organizational factors that influence implementation success for new Performance Management Analysis. It is an important addition to the literature for its focus on recognizing and overcoming the barriers to introducing new management systems.

Robert S. Kaplan, Harvard Business School

The need for performance drivenness

The Performance Management Analysis (PMA) factors

Responsibility structure

Content (of reports)

Integrity (of data)

Manageability (of information)


Management style

Action orientation



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