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HPO Insight™ Improvement Tool


Validated HPO analysis software for measuring your performance, including a user-friendly report.HPO-insight-improvement tool
The HPO Insight™ improvement tool is based on large-scale scientific and practical research into the success factors of High Performance Organizations. Instantly gain insight into the qualities of your internal organization and the Key Improvement Areas in a valuable report with practical tips, ideas, and inspiration.

HPO Insight improvement toolWith HPO Insight™ improvement tool, anyone can quickly and easily measure and improve performance in an informed way, and compare it with the peers’ performance. HPO Insight™ allows you to focus on the qualities, Key Improvement Areas, and action points of your team, department and/or organization. HPO Insight™ is based on years of scientific and practical research so you have the highest certainty that your efforts will actually be successful.

The HPO Insight™ software is used, among other things, to establish the strategic plan, fine tune the organization’s improvement plan, draw up a leadership program, draft KPIs, renew the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS), and get a clear picture of quality of management and employees.

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